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Road Trip To Canada

You can see the sun is starting to go down... but it takes a lot longer to set in the North than it does back home.

We ended up changing a ladies flat tire...

Here are all the animals we saw on our trip.


The moose we saw was too fast to get a shot of him. So sorry this is a stolen pic.

An excellent way to finish off the day. This was our first sunset in Alaska. In Skagway we are surrounded by mountains and never get to see the sun actually set.

Transportation in Skagway

Most people that get off their outrageously humungous ships, full of all you can eat bars and entertainment 24/7, opt to take the White Pass Train. One of the last narrow gauge RR's built in America. This is a historic engine that they run on fridays only, the rest of the week you would have to ride the diesel engine.

Streetcar, these things are cruising the streets like little bees gathering honey non stop. They do look pretty fun to ride on though. Behind is on of the medium size cruise ships that come into town each day.

This is my Bus! At any given time of the day, you might see me roaming the streets of Skagway with or without passengers.

Backpacking #2

In celebration of Carlies Birthday, we set out on a 4 mile hike up to Upper Dewey Lake. It is 10 p.m. here and we would make it to our cabin by midnight.

We tried to make pancakes in a bread pan. Didn't work to well over an open fire. Here you can see the cabin we stayed in.

We shared the Cabin with a Japanese Guy that told us his name several times and we forgot it so we referred to him as Talk. But the cabin was full of peoples signatures and business cards and words of wisdom scratched into its ancient walls. We woke Talk up at midnight when we got there and he was more than happy to let us come in and set up camp with him.

Just off to the right over the mountain is a big glacier and there was supposedly a waterfall coming right off of it that we tried to find and failed.